"I hate sounding cliché, but having you do our photos was like having a close friend take them! Nothing forced, so relaxed and amazing results!!"

Kris & Laura


You love photographs. You are drawn to images that are honest, fun and make you smile. You want a creative photographer who is as excited about your wedding as you are.

Essex Wedding Photographer Anesta Broad

About me

You are searching for a photographer who will capture your wedding in a professional way but blends in whilst making everyone feel at ease. Blending creativity with formality is something that appeals because you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day feeling confident that nothing will be missed. I am glad you found me, as we are a perfect fit!

Hello. My name is Anesta and I have been helping couples and families capture important moments in photographs for 12 years. During this time, I have built a wealth of invaluable experience, skill and knowledge that has enabled me to become a creative, caring documentary style photographer.

I am passionate about capturing weddings in a way that is unobtrusive, honest and fun. I feel honoured to have photographed the weddings of couples in the UK, Morocco, Greece and Portugal.

Drop me a line, I want to hear about your wedding plans and be there to document them.

Becoming a parent really sparked my interest in photography. I had a desire to capture all those wonderful moments of childhood, which can quickly become forgotten as time passes. And there was no denying that I had a magnet-like ability to entertain children (long before I had any children of my own), which has proven to be a valuable characteristic when trying to bring the best out of people in front of the camera. And it is here where my journey into photography began. My motivation to capture memories on film actually roots back much further. It was sparked by my Grandmother and the loss I felt during childhood after she passed. I have stepped out of my comfort zone to explain a little about my motivation in the article linked here.