Privacy Policy

So there appears to be some hysteria over the new GDPR legislation, which is basically the process in which businesses go about looking after the data we collate about you. I really don’t want to over complicate this or bore anyone, or myself for that matter, but I have to do the responsible thing and explain my part in all of this. I would like to think that I am a pretty responsible, easy going wife and mother, who also loves Marvel films, cheese and prosecco.  Whilst I don't take myself too seriously, I am a responsible business owner with morals and high standards. So here it is, Anesta Broad Photography’s updated GDPR compliant privacy policy:

What personal data do you collect?

There is basic information that I have to ask for, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do my job very well. I need your name, because it feels weird calling people sir, madam, Mr or Mrs.  Your mobile number so I can call you to arrange meetings and have a natter before your wedding day.  Your email address so I can communicate with you and lastly your postal address so I can send you the awesome things that you buy from me including your USB, prints and albums.

How do you keep our personal data?

Firstly, if you use the contact form on my website, the information you complete arrives to me as an email in my inbox. My computers need security passwords and/or codes to enter, so that’s a pretty good start to keep your data safe.  For those of you who book me (mini fist pump), I then use booking forms to collate your information, which is also stored on my password protected computers and Freeagent software to manage payments, which is a GDPR compliant company. I don’t ask for or hold any of your financial information. Quite frankly, I don’t need to know that stuff. Less is more and all that jazz. If you enquire, we chat and you don’t book, I tend to huff for a bit, eat too much cheese and then will delete your emails and personal data as it’s the right thing to do.

My website is https:// which makes it safer than those websites that start with http://, just another one of those techie things that is nice to know.

Blog commenting

I share weddings and shoots on the blog section on my website. I do this because I freaking love my job and am excited to share your awesome faces. People really enjoy being inspired and also being able share their weddings with colleagues, friends and family is pretty cool too. If you write a comment on my blog, then it is public. Everyone and their dog will be able to read it. So always keep your comments nice and clean, and don’t share anything personal like your bank card details!

Use of your data

The bottom line is that I don’t take advantage, I don’t do anything inappropriate or down right stupid with the information you share with me. I use your email address, telephone number or postal address as and when needed in a responsible manner. I don’t have marketing mailing lists or send newsletters as I literally don’t have the time and I don’t pass your data on to anyone else as that would be utterly wrong.

I will give your telephone number to my second shooter who works with me at your wedding because that is an important part of our contingency planning in case of an emergency on your wedding day.

I have a running order form that I ask you to complete prior to your wedding day. Again, it’s a critical tool that we need in order for us to do our job well. The form is stored on my computer and also on my password locked phone. Sometimes, wedding blogs, venues and magazines want to feature your awesome weddings and they will ask you to complete a questionnaire where the answers are shared on their public facing blogs. This is completely voluntary with no obligation, so the ball is in your court on that one.

Oooh and because I like to push my work to the limit, I sometimes enter photography competitions, but I only tend to submit images that you have already given permission for me to use.

Use of face-based data

This basically means photographs. I regularly share my work on Instagram, Facebook, my own website, and twitter if I remember. I often feel my business just would not exist if I could not do that. People need to see my work in order to instil confidence and trust. My couples are asked to opt in to this clause in my contract. Remember, though, it is not compulsory. A very small number of couples over the years have needed to keep their images away from public eye due to the nature of their jobs or specific family dynamics. If you have any concerns about your images, then talk to me.

Your images are stored on my password protected computer and hard drives. I also keep a copy of your edited images with my online gallery supplier that is a company compliant with GDPR.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you are concerned about what information I have on you, then please talk to me. I can show you what data I currently have on you, and also give you the chance to correct anything. And if you need me to delete your data, just give me the nod.

All done! That’s it really! Happy days!