A collection of the most commonly asked questions and answers



How far in advance do we need to book? I often take bookings two years in advance. Sometimes couples have much short engagements and book closer to their wedding date. If you want to make sure that I save your date, it is best to book as early as possible. Email anesta@anestabroadphotography.co.uk to check if I am free for your wedding date

How do we book our wedding date? Once you are ready to book, I only need two things to reserve your date in the diary which are your completed booking form and your £400 booking fee. All of this can be arranged online. I will email you a booking form to complete and return. Payments can be made online by debit/credit card or by direct bank transfer. Once these two tasks have been completed, your date goes in my diary.

Can you hold our date? To be fair to everyone, I don't hold or pencil in any wedding dates. In all honesty, it works on a first come first served basis. Your date is booked with only me, once you have returned your booking form and paid the booking fee.

What happens after we have booked? Once you have booked, I will send you a confirmation in writing. I will also send you my list of recommended wedding suppliers to help you progress with your wedding planning. Approximately a month before your wedding, I will get in touch again. You will receive an invoice for your outstanding balance, and I will ask for you to confirm the final itinerary of the day. I will send you a draft running order on email for you to complete with the timings, names of key people, full addresses for your prep, ceremony and reception locations and your group shots.

What happens if you have not photographed at our venue before? I love to visit and photograph new locations. For venues that I haven't visited before, I will try to visit beforehand or arrive early on the day of your weddings so that I can familiarise myself with the layout and meet your wedding coordinator. This can also provide me with the opportunity to finalise a wet weather plan if needed.

Is there fine print that I should read? Yes please! I like to keep everything simple. No hidden information. No hard sell. No complicated jargon. That really isn’t my thing. The terms and conditions of your wedding contract are here on my website so that you can check them at any time.


Do we own the copyright to our photos? Anesta Broad Photography owns the copyright of all images. I give you a licence to print your own photos for your own personal use. The licence does not include permission for you to sell or change the images in any way.

How long do you shoot for on a wedding day? I don't have a set limit of time that I spend when photographing a full day coverage. Typically, I arrive two hours before the ceremony begins in order to capture the final stages of preparations. Then I stay for up to 30 minutes after the first dance to capture some party action as you and your guests hit the dance floor. I know the evening doesn't stop there for most, so please let me know if you have additional things planned such as sparklers, fireworks or a moonlit boat ride!

What do you photograph on a typical wedding day? I have been photographing for many years, so I know what to expect and what to prepare for. The majority of the day, I will photograph quietly from the wings not disturbing or interrupting anything during your preparation, ceremony and reception. I will pay attention to detail and capture items such as dresses, shoes and suits during morning prep if they are available, as well as your cake and table decor during your reception. The only part of the day where I step in to take control is during your group shots. I work very quickly for this part of the day as I don't want you to be standing around for excessive amounts of time away from your guests. If there is something unusual or special happening or particular details that you would like photographed, let me know and I will be sure to capture it.

How many photos will we receive? 500+ edited images is fairly average amount for a full wedding. I don't set a minimum or maximum number on the amount of images that I will give you as every wedding is different. 

How will we receive our photos? Your images will be individually edited and then uploaded to a password protected online gallery for you to view. Your gallery will be available for 12 months, and also acts as an online back up. Your gallery can be easily accessed via a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your digital files will be saved onto a USB as high resolution JPEG files and delivered to your preferred address at the same time as your wedding album. 

When can we see our photos? I usually have your gallery ready within six weeks. This gives me enough time to edit your images and prepare your gallery. I will try to give you a preview before then on Facebook and Instagram. Your gallery will be set up for your family and friends to purchase prints directly, which saves you being the middle man!


Do we need to provide food for you? Whilst it is not essential to feed me, it would always be greatly appreciated. Nothing fancy though, just a bar meal would do. Your caterers will often be able to advise on the meal options available for any suppliers that you want to cater for. If you have booked to have a second shooter for the day, it would be appreciated if they could be fed too. We much prefer to sit away from the guests to give us the opportunity to recharge, backup images and prepare for the evening.


Where are you based? I live in Hornchurch, Essex, but cover the whole of Essex, London, Hertfordshire and Kent. You will also often see me travelling to the North West of England to photograph weddings.

How far will you travel? I cover weddings across the England and further afield too. My wedding packages include travel costs for weddings in Essex, London and the home counties. For weddings outside of those areas, travel and accommodation expenses may need to be added but I'll be able to determine that once we have chatted through your wedding plans before you book.


What camera do you use? I shoot using Fuji and Canon professional camera gear. All of my cameras have two memory cards inside, enabling images to be saved simultaneously to both. This provides the added security of having your images backed up throughout the day.

Do you have back up equipment? I certainly do. This is critical, as even professional equipment can fail unexpectedly or an accident might happen. I have 3 camera bodies, multiple lenses, batteries, memory cards and other gear that I can use in various situations. I have other professional photographers that I can call upon at short notice if something happened to me or my second shooters, such as illnesses or accidents. Whilst the chance of any of these situations occurring is rare, emergency contingency plans are in place so that you don't have to worry.

Are you insured? Yes, I have professional indemnity and personal liability insurance that covers me and all of my equipment.

What will you wear to photograph our wedding? I need to balance being smart and comfortable with trying to blend in with your guests and staff. I tend to wear a dress or smart tops/trousers, shoes or boots, depending on the weather and time of year. If you need me to be dressed in a more formal or casual way, please let me know. As long as it doesn't restrict my movement or impede on my equipment (as I wear my cameras on a belt around my waist), I am always happy to accommodate.