Santorini Destination Wedding Photographer-180.jpg

Earlier this year, I photographed two destination weddings in Santorini with Teresa Cunningham during the same week. That is excellent scheduling by our couples! First up was Carly and Jim who opted for an intimate wedding with friends and family at Dana Villas. We worked alongside Manchester based videographer In Love Wedding Films who complimented our relaxed candid style of photography. So it was a wonderful team all round!

Below, I have shared some of my favourite photographs from Carly and Jim’s destination Santorini Wedding, although as usual it wasn’t easy to narrow down. I love each photograph for different reasons. My contribution was heavily documentary with the help of my trusted Fuji XT2.

Teresa and I have shot weddings across the UK and Europe for nearly six years now. The terms primary shooter and second shooter doesn’t really accurately define how we work. It suggests that one is more important than the other. And that isn’t right at all. It’s more like two halves of a whole. For those of you that have met and seen me in action working alongside Teresa and Jay, you will understand what I mean. And the same goes for Helen and Rhianna who work with me too at Essex weddings. We absolutely get a kick out of catching those in-between moments, the laughter, the tears, the jokes (some more appropriate than others), the feelgood moments, the breathtaking moments and the jaw dropping moments. This is when the value of having two of us shooting your wedding is off the scale. I can say in all honesty that we are proud to do it.

Have a look for yourself. See what my view of Carly and Jim’s wedding as a “second” shooter looks like. Check out that rich Santorini sunset that we were treated to. What a corker!

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