This year, I'll be taking some time out to reflect on my journey into wedding photography. Part of that will involve looking back over past weddings and as well as planning for the years ahead.  As part of this, I am going to share some of my favourite wedding photographs and explain why I love them so much.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about wedding photography. I strive to capture the emotive moments that are both public and discreet. For me, they are a critical part of story telling through the lens.

I thoroughly enjoy photographing bridal preparations. It's the first chapter in a wedding day. As the bride gets ready in the company of close friends and family, there is often a wonderful feel of nervous excitement in the air.

I love this photograph taken during the bridal preparations. It's what I describe as an in-between moment - taken outside of the formalities. The house was full as the bride, bridesmaids and page boys floated about getting ready. It was the turn of this little flowergirl to have her hair curled. She sat down in front of her mum, the bride, and patiently waited whilst her hair was done.

Her mum was so proud to see how beautiful her daughter looked, and whipped out her phone to take a quick shot. Seconds after, the flower girl got up and wandered out of the room.

It was a lovely moment. Very relaxed, both the flowergirl and bride where unaware that I was capturing it. I had to be quick to catch it. I made a split second decision on how I wanted to frame the shot. These precious moments are not staged and can't be repeated. Which is why I am always watching like a hawk!

The photograph was shot on Canon 5D MKIII with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. The settings on the camera were ISO 1600, aperture f4 and shutter speed 1/200.