Today’s feature is a Shoreditch Engagement Shoot. During March, I met up with Lesha and Jordan for their Shoreditch Engagement Shoot in London’s East End. We had an early start to take advantage of the beautiful morning light. The streets are quieter at this time of day on a Sunday morning. I love the streets around Shoreditch. There are interesting backdrops around every corner, from colourful shop fronts to quirky graffiti street art.  Lesha brought a bagful of props, some of which we incorporated into the shoot.

Working alongside Louise James Photography, together we strolled through the streets in Shoreditch. Lesha and Jordan are getting married in August. They told us about their wedding plans so far. We couldn’t resist strolling into a few shops after the shoot too.  I was particularly drawn to the small independent furniture shops. Here’s a preview of Lesha and Jordan’s Shoreditch Engagement Shoot.